Global De Minimis Changes and their Impact on Cross Border eCommerce

  • When: Thursday, June 13 | 11:00 – 13:00 hrs.
  • Where: WTC, Rooms S2+S3+S4 (South Building, 1st Floor)

Join us for a discussion on how government, on country specific thresholds, impacts eCommerce logistics. Learn from impacted parties what can be done to minimize potential disruption.


  • Bram Jan Streefland, Managing Director, ViaEurope
  • Rene Schilder, Managing Partner, Focus on VAT
  • Rudee Bertie, Director, CCL
  • Justus Klüver-Schlotfeldt, Director, CGate Logistics.
  • Lionel Justo Marmol, CEO, Translog Overseas

This presentation is open to all delegates, but we only have space for 40 attendees, so make sure you register early. Use the One-on-One meeting scheduler, opening on May 7, to reserve your seat.